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A Frame That Doesn’t Quit

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is built Ford Tough with a fully-boxed frame, and high-strength steel with large cross-sections. Including a battery electric frame and subframe. Strong enough to take the beating for whatever project or adventure lays ahead for you.

Power Tailgate with Unique Signature Rear Lighting

Load all your gear and tools with ease with the available power tailgate. Use your key fob, tailgate touchpad, or cabin button to open and close your tailgate. Also do not worry about loading items in the dark at night with the rear lighting.

Tailgate Work Surface

The tailgate on the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning near St. Louis can work as your personal workbench on wheels. It provides a non-slip surface with two clamp pockets for easy stability. IT also brings your built-in rulers, tow tie downs/bottle openers, and cup holders to make your job easier on the go.

Enhanced Pro Power Onboard

Throughout the Lighting truck in St. Louis, there are 11 different outlets for your convenience. There are a number of 120V outlets on both the inside and the outside of the truck as well as USB-C and USB-A ports in the Power Frunk. For your bigger jobs, there is even a 240V outlet available for the bed of your new F-150 Lightning near St. Louis.

Plenty of LED Lighting

The amount of lighting on the exterior of the F-150 Lightning in St. Louis will light up the night, with lighting from the bumper to the bed.

LED Box Lighting with Zone Lighting

The perimeter of the 2022 F-150 Lightning can light up the surrounding area, you can also control which areas are lit with an integrated touchscreen or the FordPass App.

LED Projector Dynamic Bending Headlamps

Get better visibility around the twist and turns at night in the 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting near St. Louis. The Unique headlamps on the Lightning will adjust to help you see the road ahead.

Extended Running Boards with Enhanced Lighting

Have sure footing when stepping into your truck with the LED illuminated running boards.

The Biggest Front Trunk of any All-Electric Pickup

The front trunk on the F-150 Lightning for sale near St. Louis provides even more cargo space with 14.1 cubic space, as well as 400lbs of capacity. You can store just about anything without worrying about spilling any liquids, the front truck is water resistant with a drainable plug. There is also access to power with 2.4kws of power going to 120V outlets and two USB plugs.

Five Passenger Seating

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in St. Louis provides plenty of seats for your family and/or friends, with the ability to seat up to 5 passengers comfortably.

Easy Seat Storage Access

Need to store some cargo safelyin your 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning for sale in St. Louis? There is a divided organization bin located under the rear seat to store all of your tools and gear safely.

Convenient Tie-Downs and Hooks

Your Mega Power Frunk gives you plenty of options to store your items securely with hooks, tie-downs, and a cargo net.

Twin-Panel Moonroof Options

Take in the surrounding view with the available Tow-panel moonroof panels, including a sunshade for the entire panel with a press of the button. You can also open the glass with a press of a button and choose how wide you would like it opened.


Little upgrades to the F-150 Lightning LARIAT in St. Louis gives the feeling of luxury with leather heated and ventilated seats. As well as memory-powered seats on the diver's seats. The entertainment raise the luxury feeling even higher with the Bang & Olufsen sound system with eight speakers and subwoofers, and a 15-inch touchscreen.

Interior Work Space

There are a number of intelligent features on your new F-150 Lightning for sale near St. Louis that use both the known and trusted engineering and digital technologies to bring you a smarter more innovative truck.

Stow-Away Shifter for Interior Work Surface

With the push of a button in your 2022 Ford F-150 Lightening at your local Ford dealership near St. Louis, you can expand the amount of work area on your center console by storing your gear selector.

Authentic End Cut Oak Accents

Upgrade your luxury with the aesthetically pleasing wood accents in the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum in St. Louis.

Premium Ambient Interior Lighting

Create a mood with the available customizable ambient lighting in the 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting for sale at your local Ford Dealership in St. Louis.

Have Fun on the Ride

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning for sale in St. Louis creates a steady and smooth driving experience with a low center of gravity, independent rear suspension, and a wheelbase length of 145.5 inches.

Stable Handling

The wheelbase on the F-150 Lightning near St. Louis with a 68.1-inch front and 68.3-inch on the rear makes the road feel smoother, as well as extends the life of the tires.

Ground Clearance

8.4-inch ground clearance on the F-150 Lighting in St. Louis helps protect the essential parts of the Lightning.

563 Horses Ready to Go & Most Torque of Any F-150

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning for sale in St. Louis, brings you 775 lb-ft of instant torque. This makes driving and towing easier than ever whether you are towing a boat, loading the bed, or taking your daily commute. As well as an extended-range battery outputs a targeted 563 horsepower. That’s enough punch to make even a routine drive a thrill.

Quickest Accelerating F-150 Yet

Feel the takeoff; the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in St. Louis with the Extended Rance battery can hit 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds.

Strong and Silent

The F150 Lighting at your local Ford Dealership might be silent on the road but provides plenty of pick-up and go with nearly 775 lb-ft. Of instant torque.

Multiple Drive Modes

Take the opportunity to optimize your driving in your 2022 F-150 Lightning in St. Louis with the selectable drive modes that are offered. There are a number of modes to accommodate all of your adventures, and it features a unique look displayed on the instrument cluster.

Charging Covered

There are a number of different charging solutions to fit our needs with your new F-150 Lightning truck. These include options such as the 80-amp Ford Charging Station Pro, and every Lightning comes with the 30-amp Ford Mobile Power Cord which should allow you to be able to charge at any charging station.

Intelligent Range

Get an estimated battery range for your trip ahead in your 2022 F-150 Lightning for sale in Chesterfield. Your range will factor in weather, traffic, grade, payload, towing weight, and more.

EPA-Estimated 300-Mile Range

The standard battery on the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning for sale near St. Louis, ranges an EPA-estimated range of 230 miles, Whereas the available extended0range battery offers an EPA-estimated range of 320 miles. The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum in St. Louis provides an EPA-estimated range of 300 miles.

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

This battery pack featured in the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning for sale in St. Louis is the source that drives everything. It is also surrounded by a protective structure to keep it safe from the elements that you may encounter. It also allows you to maintain cab volume and the bed space in the truck.

Smart Backup Power

Your new F-150 Lightning has the power to act as a generator if the lights go out in your home. When you connect your truck to the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System you can power your house until the lights are back on.

Advanced Hauling & Towing Technology

The wheelbase on the F-150 Lightning near St. Louis with a 68.1-inch front and 68.3-inch on the rear makes the road feel smoother, as well as extends the life of the tires.

Tow Technology Package

Towing got better, easier, and safer. This package includes Trailer Reverse Guidance, Smart Trailer Tow Connection, Smart Hitch, On-Board Scales, Trailer Brake Controller, and Pro Trailer Backup Assist.

Trailer Brake Controller (TBC)

When you press your brakes, this feature automatically applies the trailer brakes. The TBC controller mounted on the center console allows you to control and adjust the amount of power sent to the trailer brakes manually.

Smart Hitch

Using the SYNC screen or FordPass app, the Smart Hitch measures the tongue weight of the trailer and guides weight distribution on the screens.

On-Board Scales

You can view load information in graphics within the truck’s smart taillamps, on a mobile phone using FordPass, or on the center screen. This allows you to see how much you’re carrying without exceeding the limit.

Available SYNC 4A with 15.5-inch Touchscreen

The latest generation of SYNC is offered in the 2022 F-150 Lightning for sale near St. Louis. This cloud-based connectivity features voice recognition, Connected Built-In navigation, traffic updates, weather updates, and more.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Whether you have an Apple Smartphone or an Android Smartphone the 2022 Ford F-150 in St. Louis is ready to keep you connected on the road to your favorite apps and music.

Personal Zone Lighting

You can completely customize your vehicle's lighting inside and out. The truck then remembers your settings at the touch of a button, and you can also remotely control the lighting as well.

B&O Sound System Unleashed With HD Radio

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning for sale near St. Louis is fitted with a B&O Sound System that shows off with 640 watts and 8 speakers to surround you with your favorite music.

Ford Updates

With the automatic software updates in your F-150 Lightning, you are able to stay up to date without any effort through the cloud-connected platform with cutting-edge technology.

4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

Stay connected with FordPass Connect and the Wi-Fi hotspot, powered by AT&T. You can connect up to 10 devices up to 50 feet from the vehicle, perfect for those days you are on the work sites. Ford also offers a complimentary trial for three months or 3 GB of service.

FordPass Rewards

Earn points every time you get vehicle service and maintenance, then save on future service and maintenance, parts, accessories, and even a new vehicle purchase with points accrued. Ford will even start you off with 42,000 when you buy or lease a new Ford. Points can be redeemed at participating ford dealerships.

Phone as a Key

Through the FordPass App you are able to use your phone as your key to your vehicle. Whether you are trying to enter or even start your vehicle you can use your phone to control those features and many more. You can also register up to 4 profiles to your vehicle at one time.

Connect & Control

Access your vehicle from anywhere you can get a phone signal with the FordPass App. You can remotely start/stop, lock/unlock, schedule a start, locate your vehicle and check the vehicle’s status, even your fuel level or oil life, all from your phone.

Vehicle Details

Keep up to date on your 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in St. Louis with the FordPass App. You can check your Vehicles health, check your service history, and stay up to date on your warranty information.

Ford BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning features Ford BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving that allows you to travel across more than 130,000 miles of highway across North America hands-free. If you keep your eyes on the road, you can drive completely hands-free.

Help on the Road

FordPass App is here if you ever need help on the road. With the FordPass App, you can call or e-request 24/7 Roadside Assistance, or receive assistance if you are ever in an accident with the Collision Assistance feature.

Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology

The F-150 Lightning near St. Louis has your back wherever you are headed, looking out for you whether you’re towing, changing lanes or simply finding a spot to park. The advanced, purposeful technology and capabilities help keep you confident out on the road no matter where you are.

BLIS with Trailer Coverage

The BLIS system in the new F-150 Lightning with trailer coverage brings you added confidence on the road with its ability to detect vehicles in your blind spot for both your vehicle and your trailer. Along with the telescoping mirrors that bring you even more reassurance on the road.

Lane-Keeping System

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning for sale in St. Louis features the lane-keeping system that helps you to refrain from drifting out of your lane while driving. It has lane detecting technology that helps to gently steer your vehicle back into its lane if you start to drift along with providing you alerts.

On-Demand Rear View Camera

Know what's behind whenever needed with the Rear View Camera; you do not even have to be in reverse. The On-Demand Rear View Camera gives you a clear 180-degree view of what is behind you.

Pre Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

The Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking system in the new Ford F-150 Lightning truck in St. Louis scans the road and alerts you of potential collisions. The truck can also automatically brake in emergency situations.

Auto High-Beam Headlamps

The 2022 F-150 Lightning for sale near St. Louis has automatic high-beam headlamps that can detect oncoming traffic and traffic ahead and automatically turn your high beams on and off for you.

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control in the new F-150 Lightning can sense the vehicles in front of you to keep you a preset distance away from them while your cruise control is functioning.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning truck for sale in St. Louis is equipped with pro trailer backup assist to help you to be more confident while you are backing up a trailer whether it is big or small. It is as easy as turning a knob.

Hill Descent Control

Hill Descent Control helps with your descent down steep grades using the traction control technology with anti-lock brakes. While descending a hill the system the system will help you concentrating on steering and adjust the brake pressure to control slippage and maintain a speed between 2-12. If you are above 20 mph the Hill Descent Control cannot be set until you are below 20 mph.

Evasive Steering Assist

Get the support you need to steer out of a potential collision, with Evasive Steering Assist. When there is a slow or stopped vehicle in your path ahead the system will warn you and wont steer for you but will provide extra steering support.

Active Park Assist 2.0

You can brag about your parking with Active Park Assist. Just find your parking spot, shift into neutral, hold down the Active Park Assist and let Park Assist do the rest. You can even use the available Active Park Assist to help you pull out of your parking spot with ease.

360-Degree Camera

Get a full 360 view of your 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning surroundings near St. Louis using four cameras located on the grille, tailgate, underside, and one on each sideview mirror.


2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Models


$39,974 starting MSRP

Key Features:

  • Dual Electric Motors
  • Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0
  • Mega Power Funk
  • Onboard Scale with Smart Hitch
  • 12-Inch Digital Productivity Screen
Current Inventory


$52,9745 starting MSRP

Key Features:

  • Signature Front Lighting
  • 360-Degree Camera
  • Interior Work Surface
  • Power Down Tailgate
  • SYNC® 4 with Enhanced Voice Recognition with 12-inch Touchscreen
Current Inventory


$67,474 starting MSRP

Key Features:

  • SYNC® 4 with Enhanced Voice Recognition with 15.5-inch Touchscreen
  • Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist 2.0
  • Power Tailgate with Unique Signature Rear Lighting
  • Twin-Panel Moonroof (SuperCrew®)
  • B&O Sound System by Bang & Olufsen with HD Radio™ Technology
Current Inventory


$90,874 starting MSRP

Key Features:

  • Ford BlueCruise
  • Tow Technology Package
  • Seats - Front - Bucket Seats With Center Flow-Through Console, Unquie Multicontour Premium Nirvana Leather seating Surface with Active Motion
  • 5.0L Ti-VCT V8
Current Inventory


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